Wednesday 10 August 2011

Pickering Castle

Pickering Castle was originally built in wood in 1070 after the campaign known as 'the Harrying of the North'. The location commanded trade routes north and south and dominated a landscape rich in game.

The castle was strengthened in the 13th century with a circular keep in stone. By the 14th century the site had a high stone curtain wall and corner towers.

Much of the site remains as a picturesque ruin but the scale of the site is still evident. The moat in particular is very deep and shows what an imposing statement this castle would have made on the landscape and its conquered people.


  1. It looks very cool and does offer some ideas for terrain building.


  2. Checking out Castles was one of my favourite activitys in England/Scotland when I visited in 1998. Fascinating.

  3. We had planned to visit Scarborough castle but a combination of poor weather, lack of parking and the steep uphill climb put us off. No one can accuse us of not getting plenty of exercise this holiday, but by day five we are starting to feel a little 'old'!

  4. I really envy you Europeans. We have some nice nature sites in the US, but as far as artifacts of human history & civilization go, it's pretty dull here. Nice to have so many interesting things from so many historical periods so close to home.


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