Friday 12 August 2011

Miniature Wargames 341

Today we went to Robin Hoods Bay near Whitby. We didn't see anything even vaguely game or military related for me to write about. It is a family holiday after all and it was time for some sightseeing that couldn't be called "dad's stuff"!

The day wasn't a complete write off from the gamers point of view as I found a small local newsagents that actually sold a Wargames magazine. I picked up issue 341 (the September issue) of Miniature Wargames and that kept me happily amused while we relaxed on the beach.

I particularly enjoyed the article 'Jets over the Reich' which presented an alternative ending to WWII in which British and German Jet fighters battled it out for control of the sky. Its a bit fanciful but not completely improbable.

Another good article was called 'Mid-Life Military Muddling' and offers some practical and interesting advice on how to start building a new army.


  1. slow time, eh?

    I found that yes it is good sometimes to disconnect and do selfless stuff with family

  2. The Jet article sounds good, but then I am a bit of a weird WW2 nutjob!

  3. Robin Hod's Bay used to have a few second hand bookshops - still there? I've had quite a few bargains our of them over the years.



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