Thursday 25 August 2011

Encumbered with Rules?

I stumbled upon this cartoons earlier and it tickled my funny bone enough that I decided to reproduce it here. If you have ever played D&D you'll know where this joke is coming from. Lets face it we have all bent the rules on encumbrance at some time.

I once played a halfling rogue that bought a 20' ladder as part of his equipment, then conveniently let everyone forget he was still carrying it. When I was eventually challenged by the GM I pointed out that I had never said I was leaving it behind "...and besides, we've never bothered with the encumbrance rule before"


  1. Funny stuff! We called it the Highlander Effect: suddenly a five foot sword appears from inside your trench coat.

    Long ago I played in a campaign of Role Master where everyone was playing elves, half elves & such, and I played a dwarf. Everyone was upset because I was going to slow the party down, my movement rate was the only one lower than maximum. Then the DM reminded them that he did use the encumbrance rule,and after they adjusted for all the junk they claimed to have, my dwarf ended up with the fastest movement rate because he had the greatest encumbrance allowance!

  2. Nice one, very clever. Sadly a bit geekish and I get it. What does that say about me?

  3. Been there - done that :-)

    Even took a mule down a dungeon once (its end due to a nasty accident with a fireball is for another day) so

    Have you seen the old WF3 figure also known as 'The Complete Adventurer' ?


  4. Brings back memorys of Long ago. :)

  5. The old 10' pole was a favourite. Everyone in the party had one. Try carrying a 10' washing line pole around the house for 5 minutes and you soon get the idea that in reality carrying a pole of that size requires a) both hands and b) lots of space. Something DM's should account for when the party are ambushed in a narrow corridor....

  6. Very good. And very true. :)


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