Wednesday 17 August 2011

Eden Camp Pictures

Last week I posted a couple of pictures from my visit to Eden Camp Museum in Yorkshire. Now that I am home I have had a chance to sort through my pictures and label them properly. The following slide show shows them all in detail.

This is an excellent museum with a wide range of exhibits that will appeal to all the family. The day we visited it rained pretty much all day but the beauty of this museum is that most of it is inside the huts of the camp. We were able to dodge the worst of the weather and make the most of our day.


  1. Well after a week of updates I almost feel I have been on holiday with you BL! Hope you had a good time, it looked enjoyable.

    I haven't seen a V1 up close like that before and that was interesting.

    Chris from Model Dads

  2. Seems to have added a few more outdoor exhibits and looks improved overall from my visit back in 1998 or so (was still very good then). Are the old prisoner huts still 'themed' (U-Boat war was


  3. Sgt Steiner - Yep all the the huts are themed which means you can focus in on the ones that interest you (in my case all of them). They have also added six more huts that detail the wars progress step by step.

  4. Very nice photos (from all of your Yorkshire holiday, in fact). Hope you had a great time. Been ages since I was at Eden Camp, and from the look of your photos there's a lot more there now than when I went. Time for a revisit. Cheers and thanks again.


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