Wednesday 3 August 2011

On the workbench

I'm working on several projects at the moment and as usual my timing is not perfect! This Saturday I'm off on Holiday for a couple of weeks so I don't expect much progress for a while yet. I'm also very busy at work trying to clear as much stuff as I can before I disappear. It all adds up to a sudden pause in gaming/painting activities. Even finding time to write my blog has been a struggle this week [Shock! Horror!!].

I've assembled, based and undercoated a US Rifle Platoon as divisional support to my 2nd Armoured Company. I like to base my figures before painting because I know I'd ruin the paint job if I did it the other way around. I also have a Stuart Platoon at the assembly stage sitting on my desk. I'll try and get them undercoated before I go away but I doubt if progress beyond that stage is a possibility in the next few days.

Its all very depressing. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to my holiday, spending time with the family and exploring North Yorkshire, but it does bug me when projects grind to a halt. Its been a busy and chaotic month what with my recent illness and work commitments. I guess I need a holiday more than I realised. So I'm going to make a 'mid year resolution' and set myself the task of finishing as many projects as I can when I return from holiday.

Given my track record, does anyone care to take bets on whether I'll succeed!


  1. That's one bet I'd take, my money is on you finishing next to nothing.

  2. Stop squawking and enjoy your holiday (3rd or 4th this year so far) according to djk?

  3. Enjoy the break and don't listen to these other plonkers.

  4. Have a great holiday, and visit loads of castles, while your up in Yorkshire.


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