Sunday 14 August 2011

Purfleet Heritage Centre

Today I'm visiting a local museum. The Purfleet Heritage Centre is situated on the banks of the Thames inside a 19th Century powder store that has been preserved by the local community. It is run by enthusiasts and contains a wide variety of privately collected militaria and wartime photo's.

Today they held a special event with veterans, a few vehicles, music and a visit by the RNLI Gravesend Lifeboat.


  1. Now call me whatever you wnat, but isn't 'Gravesend' a bit of a somewhat pesimistic name for a Lifeboat?

  2. Gravesend is the town on the south bank of the river where the lifeboat is based.

    Contrary to popular belief the towns name does not originate from the time of the Plague. The town was recorded as Gravesham in the Domesday Book in 1086 (500 years before the plague) and probably derived from "graaf-ham" the home of the Bailif of the Lord of the Manor.

  3. Gravesend, Gravesend the home of the Rejects!!

  4. Hey, at least they have an Indian Queen,
    unlike Indian Queens,


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