Sunday 20 September 2009

Wargames Illustrated 264

I received my copy of Wargames Illustrated yesterday and was again pleased with the high quality of the issue.
The Theme for this issue is World War One but as usual there are several other periods covered. This issue includes an excellent article on Lieutenant Lanoe Hawkers daring raid on the Zeppelin shed at Gotrode (and article for Wings of War). I also enjoyed the Flames of War article on St. Oedenrode and the 101st Airborne regiment's attempt to take the bridge there in 1944.

Other articles include:
  • The Western Front 1914-1915 - An overview of the early stages of WWI
  • The Successors - Discusses the wars of the Alexandrian Succession in 323BC
  • Historicon 09 - Show report
  • The Big Push - The Battle of Loos in 1915
  • Eyes and Ears - Reconnaissance in WWII

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