Tuesday 22 September 2009

Procurement Exercise

I had yesterday off work. I've got a few spare holidays so the 'significant other' and myself decided to take a day out to go shopping. Now that both kids are at school full time we at last have a chance to browse unhindered - without having to have eyes in the back of our head -and generally just enjoy each others company. The weather was nice so we had a very enjoyable few hours 'mooching' round the shops, doing a bit of early Christmas shopping and picking up a few things we needed. For myself it was a very successful trip. I bought several glues, some black primer and some new epoxy putty to replace my nearly exhausted Miliput.

I also bought something I've seen advertised but never used before. The Tamiya Weathering Stick is a pen-type tool for achieving realistic finishing effects on scale models. I bought the 'Mud' coloured pen which is supposedly perfect for depicting mud on tank treads etc. I suspect that it produces a similar effect to dry brushing but decided to give this product a try none the less.

Tamiya also make a 'compact' type version with three colours in it and a separate applicator brush (both suspiciously similar to something you would find in a ladies makeup bag). If my trial with the pen works out OK I may try these other products but at the moment they represent a large investment.


  1. I am curious to know how the pen works out ....

  2. Me too. I'm working on a platoon of tanks now and I'll try the pen out on them when I get to that stage. Of course I'll report my review here, so keep your eye's peeled!


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