Wednesday 15 July 2009

Lifestory of a Drow

I'm a big fan of the fiction of R.A. Salvatore, but especially his Forgotten Realms stories focusing on the life of Dark Elf Drizzt Do'Urden. I've read all but the last book (still awaiting release later in the year) and thoroughly enjoyed every one. Of all the 'official' D&D settings the Forgotten Realms has to be my favorite.

Some time ago I trawled the Internet trying to find a Chronology for the Drizzit books. I never found a single definitive list that I was happy with but found several sites that had lists of varying completeness. The following Chronology is a mish-mash of the information I found on sites such as the FR Wikipedia page; the 'True Chronology'; the excellent FR Library; and the Wizards of the Coast Official FR Page, so I take no credit for compiling this. So here's my version of their lists, focusing on the Novels specifically about the famous Dark Elf renegade.

The Dark Elf Trilogy
Homeland (1990) (Between 1297DR and 1328DR)
Exile (1990) (Between 1338DR and 1340DR)
Sojourn (1991) (Between 1340DR and 1347DR)

The Icewind Dale Trilogy
The Crystal Shard (1988) (Between 1351DR and 1356DR)
Streams of Silver (1989) (1356DR)
The Halfling's Gem (1990) (Between 1356DR and 1357DR)

Legacy of the Drow
The Legacy (1992) (1357DR)
Starless Night (1993) (1357DR)
Siege of Darkness (1994) (1358DR)
Passage to Dawn (1996) (1364DR)

Paths of Darkness
The Silent Blade (1998) (1364DR)
The Spine of the World (1999) (Between 1365DR and 1369DR)
Servant of the Shard (2000)* (1366DR) - Now in The Sellswords Trilogy
Sea of Swords (2001) (Between 1369DR and 1370DR)

The Hunter's Blades Trilogy
The Thousand Orcs (2002) (1370DR)
The Lone Drow (2003) (1370DR)
The Two Swords (2004) (Between 1370DR and 1371DR)

The Orc King (2007) (1371DR and 1471DR-prologue and epilogue)
The Pirate King (2008)
The Ghost King (October 2009)

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