Thursday 16 July 2009

The Cure of Lycanthropy

During my D&D campaign one of the PC's found himself in need of a cure for Lycanthropy. I decided that this would make quite a cool scene in its own right and turned the act of curing the afflicted character into a whole encounter. This formed a bridge between two campaign arcs and (hopefully) helped the PC's develop a sense of trust with the Mages in their home town (as I have previously implied, Magic Users in my campaign setting are not generally trusted or liked).
Anyway here's the ceremony/ritual I devised as the Cure for Lycanthropy.

Materials that need to be used:
~A chalice of pure silver - Wolf motif decorates the interior
~The blood of the cursed - Small sample from patient.
~Wine made of the fruit of the afflicted's homeland
~The blood of a member of the same family as the afflicted
~A Remove Disease or Remove Curse Potion
~A small quantity of Powdered silver - Prepared 'fresh' during the ritual.

The Ritual itself must be performed by a Mage rather than a Cleric:
~Only the Magi performing this ritual must touch the ingredients
~During the preparation he or she must chant an appropriate "Chantra"
~The afflicted will need to be Magically bound at this point.
~Next clean the silver chalice thoroughly using a Bless spell.
~Pour the wine into the chalice while maintaining the Chantra of Gould.
~Next, the blood of the afflicted must be poured into the wine.
~The Magi must add the magical potion to the Chalice and then the powdered silver.
~The afflicted has to drink (or be made to drink) the solution.

The Effects will be dramatic:
The Afflicted will be wracked with spasms and pain. Their blood will seem to boil and they will have a dangerously high fever, at least in the beginning. Six to twelve hours later the Patient will awake and all presence of the contagion will have been eradicated from their blood. The Magi performing this ritual will be mentally & physically drained all spell casting ability for at least 24 hours.

This ritual could be simplified or added too depending on what you wanted to achieve with it.

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  1. Interesting ..... should make a great adventure in collecting the materials needed.


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