Wednesday 29 November 2017

Solo Wargaming

Following on from my recent Solo wargame I decided I would review my collection of books for advice and ideas on the subject. I have a wide but by no means comprehensive collection of books on wargaming and many of them include some advice on how to play solo games. Its been an interesting exercise to look at how the subject has been approached over the decades and maybe this has had something to do with changing fashions in our hobby. Most of these books can still be purchased (although you may need deep pockets for some of them!) and all are worth reading for ideas and inspiration. 



This is by no means a comprehensive list and is based purely on the books I already have in my collection. I'd be interested in any suggestions for further reading on the subject so if you know a great book please leave a comment below.


  1. Though it is not dedicated to the subject of solo wargaming as such, and you will probably know it, Charles Grant's Programmed Wargames Scenarios might still come in handy. Published by WRG somewhere in the 80's or 90's I would hazard.

  2. Used copies are £60 on Amazon...!

  3. Are the two Asquith guides essentially the same text or do they contain different information?

  4. Something I will do in the future with my collections. Actually solo game them. cheers

  5. What might it say about our illustrious hobby that there are even this many printed resources enabling people to remain solitary?!

    Love it.

    And I played [with] myself at Chain of Command yesterday, just to - y'know - get to know it...!


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