Wednesday 27 June 2012

Wargames Illustrated 297

When I got home from work on Friday my copy of Wargames Illustrated was waiting for me on my desk. It doesn't matter how bad my day has been, coming home to the latest issue of my subscription magazines always make me feel better.

This months Theme is tied in with Battlefronts release of Devils Charge, their Battle of the Bulge supplement but as always most of the magazine content covers periods and games from outside the Flames of War stable. Having said that I particularly enjoyed the two themed articles and although I'm not likely to rush out and abandon Normandy for the Ardennes I am tempted to buy this book based on what I have seen here.

Peipers Charge gives a good overview of the campaign with plenty of useful information about the headlong dash of Jochen Peiper and his Konigstigers towards their objectives on the Meuse. As always the article is lavishly illustrated and enjoyable to read even if you do not plan on playing the campaign.

As always (and contrary to the anti-battlefront propaganda) there are many more articles within this issue dedicated to other game systems and periods. Charlie's Last Dance ties in with last months Theme and looks at the Battle of Falkirk in 1746. Bolt Action! looks at a new set of WWII rules from Warlord Games and Osprey. Wolves Guarding the Flock is about the Illyrian Revolt of 6-9 AD. The Boshin War analyses this conflict that took place in 1868 - 1869 and is the second of three articles focused on the rise of Imperial Japan. And Wabash-ing looks at a Native American victory over the US Army at the Battle of Wabash in 1791. 

There is also a very interesting article by John Michael Priest about Wargaming in the Classroom and how he used wargaming to teach students about the American Civil War. When I had finished reading his story I couldn't help wishing I'd had him as my History teacher when I was at school. My passion for history developed much later through my interest in wargaming but I now look back and think of all the wasted years! Who knows my choice of University Degree might have been very different had I been inspired like this at an early age. 

Another excellent article is Paul Davies' guide to photographing miniatures. This article looks at the art of achieving in-focus photo of miniatures at play. The article is technical but not in a boring or mind numbing way which make it useful and interesting to read. My normal solution is to shoot hundreds of pictures and pick the best but maybe its time I tried a slightly more technical approach! 

Once again I have to single out Matt Parkes ongoing series of articles on painting as a highlight. This issue focuses on Faces and Skin which was perfect timing for me as I struggled with a model I'll be revealing in a day or two. There's also an eye-candy rich photo-review of Adepticon 2012. I love these show reports, especially those that review US events because I can't (and probably never will be able to) visit them in person. 

So another great issue that I have read almost cover to cover in just a few days. Now I have just another month to wait for issue 298! 


  1. The painting article sounds interesting, not too sure about all the WW2 stuff..........again????

  2. It is popular, but it's also the product they're pushing. From now on WI will always feature Flames of War products prominently. Gone are the days of having an issue dedicated to AWI, ACW or the like. At least you know what your getting when you subscribe.

    1. But with that in mind, I don't think it's overpowering in its coverage of FoW. Yes, there are at least 2 articles per month, but I find there is always plenty of other articles to make it worthwhile picking it up even for the non-FoW player.

    2. The over-coverage of Battlefront products is why I gave up on WI and switched to MW, after a while it just gets tiring, another thing about it is that on each article it provides an enormous historical background on the period in question, I understand this is to help newbies get info et etc, but do you really need that much data? it's supposed to be a wargaming mag! if you want to know more about the period, go read a history book!

      Anyways, that's my rant over...nice article anyways.

  3. Informative article Lee - nice one, I enjoyed it - despite me being a non-BF merchant ;)


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