Monday 4 June 2012

Queens Own Royal West Kent Regimental Museum

Today the family and I took a trip across the Thames into deepest darkest Kent (Maidstone to be precise) to make the most of the Bank Holiday. Our target was the Maidstone Museum and, for me at least, the Regimental Museum housed within its walls. The Regimental Museum of the Queens Own is small but crammed with a fascinating collection of memorabilia and medals that showcase the Regiments illustrious history.

Pride of place goes to the Sutlej Gun and four Victoria Crosses but the museum also holds a vast collection of other medals and items of keen interest.

Both Maidstone Museum and the Regimental Museum within it are Free admission and well worth a visit if you have a couple of hours to spare.


  1. Nice one Lee, your kids are very tolerant or that's what Ray said!

  2. Your a lucky boy, if I suggested a Bank Holiday trip to Maidstone Museum, I'd get a swift kick in the nads 4 times! Now I'm off to give Fran some of the same!

  3. What a cracking looking looking museum and a great day out to boot.

  4. Good stuff :) I'm going to be down that way myself next week, I'll try and pop in.

  5. Looks nice there. They cover one of the younger regiments there... Surely interesting for WWI and WWII.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Thanks again for a nice input into our heritage. I do like your posts.

  7. Good thing that's not in New Zealand or someone would probably flog the VCs and sell them on the black market!


  8. It is a nice Museum. Glad you avoided the cannibal tribes living in the Fremlin's wark car park basement. To think they knocked down a brewery to build that.

  9. Looks like a great museum, Lee. Another grand day out!


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