Sunday 24 June 2012

A lazy Sunday playing Risk

The whole family went to Tunbridge Wells yesterday to visit the Spar Valley Railway which was having a 1940's weekend (pictures in a day or two). We also spent some time exploring the town and did some shopping so by the time we got home we were utterly exhausted. So it wasn't a hard to decide to take it easy today and just chillax!

In an attempt to stop the kids from just watching TV all day (they would if they could) I broke out a game I bought last year but hadn't played yet. Lord of the Rings Risk. Its basically the regular game of risk but with a Tolkien theme. In the end it was just me verses my youngest daughter... not that this meant that I had it all my own way.

The game is aimed at ages 8+ but my seven year old didn't have any problem getting to grips with the rules and giving me a really hard time. I was shocked by her predatory instincts and ability to strike at my weak spots. This girl will go far as a gamer and I dread the day she starts playing 'proper' games!


  1. Obviously she takes after her mother then???

  2. Fantastic - still a big favourite after all these years. I've seen some days go for literally days at sea, swapping payers in and out!

  3. Good stuff! I used to love playing RISK until I was soundly beaten by a girl (The dice were TOTALLY to blame). :/ :)


  4. Great stuff, and waiting till my little one can join in to these games also!

  5. The game is supposed to be 8+ but my Young Padawan is seven and got to grips with the rules within a few turns. The game mechanic's are relatively simple, the hard part is planning ahead and husbanding your forces. She played really well and seemed to be enjoying herself...right up to the part where I unleashed my big attack in the last turn. Evil I know, but I'm a gamer and if I wasn't competitive (even against a 7 year old) what sort of father would I be?!

    This game will definitely get another outing, although I think it will play better with more than two players.

  6. ahhh yes... LOTR risk. the epic 6 hour games....those were good times with a great game.perfect for rainy days.


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