Monday 30 May 2011

Bunker Bash 2011

I've finally finished sorting through my pictures from Bunker Bash at Kelvedon Hatch. I didn't explore all of the show because I was supposed to be resting my Gammy Leg. I still managed to see quite a lot and as usual shot too many pictures! It's taken a while to sort and name them as most vehicles and equipment on display were not labeled. This made identification after the fact a little tricky, so if I have got anything wrong let me know and I'll update the description.

I also put together a video from various clips of the 'Main Battle' reenactment at the end of the show.


  1. Wow! What a show! I'm really impressed. I'm not a renactor myself but I'll pass the link to some collegues of my local club in Madrid who have been renacting the British 8th Army with great success in local (and even some international) conventions for the past few years

  2. Many thanks for share !!!!! Fantastic

  3. Fantastic Pics :)
    It's a pitty that these shows are always so far away ;)
    Thanks for sharing your shots!
    I think your MG 42 with spare barrel is actually a MG 34 :)


  4. This is truly wonderful stuff. Love the pics and the vid. One question -- I noticed the Willy's Jeep had a bottle-opener in it – do you happen to know if that was original? Or was that put in by the restorer? I'm assuming the latter, but you never know with us Americans...

  5. Great post, with some really impessive photos, I'm sure fellow Reject Smiffy was taking part in that show.

  6. That's amazing. Great stuff.

  7. Mojo - I'll check that MG42/34 description... I was sure the reenactor who owned it said it was a 42 but I'll dig out some other recognition pictures to try to get a positive ID before re-labeling. Thanks for the 'heads up' though!
    Bard - I've no idea if that’s an original feature but I wouldn't be at all surprised. One thing the US army in Europe was good at was bringing the home comforts to servicemen... no doubt including a huge volume of Coke bottles!
    Ray - I spoke to Smiffy at the last game and he said he would be 'op north' doing a different show that weekend. I kept an eye open for him just in case but didn't see him.

  8. Nice photos and video sir, enjoyed that.

  9. A really great selection of photos. Looks like a grand day out!

  10. I for one an glad you took too many pics! Great stuff!



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