Sunday 29 May 2011

Big Picture : T34

This weeks Big Picture shows the T34 at the Muckleburgh Collection in Norfolk. I was able to visit this excellent collection back in 2009 while on holiday in the area. If you get a chance to visit its well worth it.


  1. arguably the best tank of WWII, i live about an hour's drive away. i think i might go and visit it during the summer.

  2. Have enjoyed seeing all the tanks you've posted- cool stuff!

    the T-34 is on my very short list for my favorite tank. I got to see a few while I was in Belarus, including seeing a working one in a parade.

    Can see that here:

  3. Ah, I passed through Essex today on the way to Herts. I visited the M. Collection with my family when on holiday in Norfolk. It was apparently the most boring thing they have ever done. Sigh, women!

  4. Nice photo !!! Thanks for share


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