Sunday 15 May 2011

Big Picture : Firepower 2009

Today's Big Picture was taken at the Firepower museum in Woolwich in 2009. The South East London Wargames Group ran a small wargames show amongst the exhibits.

Although there were only a dozen games being run (and a handful of traders) it was a very enjoyable event to attend. My conversations with some of the Wargamers that day helped convince me to buy the Flames of War rules and start collecting 15mm miniatures.


  1. A small show but added benefits of all the exhibits.

  2. Yeh a very interesting museum in its own right, the show just made it even better to visit. I think there is another show at the end of May but the Museum website isn't clear on this. If I find out for certain I'll post details here.

  3. I'm sure we were at that show, I had to drive and pay for Fran to get in as he's a tight git!
    From what I remember it was a small but useful show, picked up a few bits and bobs, but even better it's close to where we live!!


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