Sunday 22 May 2011

Big Picture : Bunker Bash

Today I'm off to a local Living History show called Bunker Bash. We went last year and enjoyed the interesting displays which included a permanent trench system for re-enactors. Bunker Bash started as a small military vehicle show back in 2005 but now hosts over 200 Military Vehicles, 20 Living History Groups plus Militaria Stalls and Classic Cars.
German Volkswagen Kübelwagen

I'm determined not to let my Gammy Leg slow me down and needless to say I'll be bringing all my camera gear along with me.


  1. Sounds cool, look forward to some piccies

  2. Sounds like fun! Shame I'm at work.I would have come along as well. Hope the leg holds up!!

  3. That sounds great -- I'm jealous! Looking forward to the photos.

  4. Have a great day Lee and ask if you can drive the Kubelwagen around and save your leg.

  5. Hey!!! That´s my car!! (not really, I´d be likely to land in prison driving it about here with the flag on it )
    Sounds fun...have a great time

  6. Great stuff and I'd love to able to attend something like that!


  7. Been a great day out although I didn't make it round the whole site. I was just happy to get out and be doing something. I've shot loads of pictures and several short video clips of the Battle reenactment. I'll be posting pictures in a few days.

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