Friday 13 May 2011

More Smoke and Flames

I've spent the day getting a few small jobs finished off including some more Smoke and Flame markers. I made a load of these a few months ago and posted a Tutorial of how I made them. I started making few more the day before I fell ill and needless to say they didn't get finished.

I'm still taking things easy today but this was a relatively low effort job that I completed a little at a time during the course of the day. Tomorrow I'll get stuck into some proper painting, again attempting to finish up a few interrupted projects.


  1. Fantastic !!! Very nice look !!!

  2. Nicely done again but take it easy you're supposed to be recovering.

  3. Those are awesome -- some of the best-looking smoke/flame markers I've seen. When I get back into WWII gaming I'll have to follow your tutorial. They really look great.

  4. I will definitely look up your tutorial. V. impressed.

  5. Nice ... they look great !

    Take it easy and recover my friend !

  6. Well done!
    As mentioned by several others, please take the time you need to heal properly, even if that means following the advice of those damned doctors ( why oh why do they hate bacon so)


  7. Last weeks technical issues with Blogger resulted in all the comments associated with this post being lost. The post was restored (in less than pristine condition) but unfortunately not the reader comments.


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