Wednesday 1 June 2011

Bumper Book Bonanza

Its been a good weekend for new books. My wife and I took the kids to Rochester in Kent on Monday for a browse through the shops and a picnic in the grounds of Rochester Castle. The sun came out and we had a very pleasant afternoon in and around the buildings that Charles Dickens would have known so well. There are a couple of excellent second hand book shops in the high street (there used to be more but alas they have disappeared). I picked up a couple of paperback books in near mint condition for just a few pounds.

Fighting them on the Beaches : The D-Day Landings by Nigel Cawthorne (Index Books 2004) and Masters of Battle by Terry Brighton (Penguin 2008). I'm particularly looking forward to reading the latter book as it will be interesting to see Patton and Monty analysed side by side.

By the way, there is a new game/model shop opened in the high street and I popped in and picked up some paint and a Tamiya weathering stick. The stock is roughly 50% plastic models with the remaining 50% half and half between paint and accessories and wargaming figures (mostly GW). However chatting to the shop assistant revealed this is a new business and they are finding their feet and building up stock based on what customers need. It seems a sensible way forward and I hope they are still thriving next time I go to Rochester.

I also received a book as a gift from my Brother-in-Law Ray which definitely deserves a special mention. Steel Inferno - 1st SS Panzer Corps in Normandy by Michael Reynolds (Spellmount 1997). Only two German Divisions in World War II bore Hitler's name - the 1st SS Panzer Division, Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler and the 12th SS Panzer Division, Hitlerjugend. This book describes the tactical battles in Normandy between the young Waffen-SS soldiers of these elite divisions and their British, Canadian, Polish and US opponents.

The best bit though is that not only did Ray buy me the book (a handsome gesture I think you'll agree) but he took it along to the Southend Air Show where he met up with a load of British Veterans that he knows and got it signed by three of them. Ernie Wark (7th Armoured Division), R M Spencer (R/A 21st Army Group), and Bill Yenting (RN).


  1. I've had that "Steel Inferno" book on my bookshelves for longer than I can remember - I really must get round to reading it...

  2. Welcome to Medway. I bought some sprays and a box of plastic hoplites at that shop only last week.

  3. Where about is the shop, is it in the old part, me and the other half have lunch in JD Wetherspoons, anywhere near?

  4. Wonder how long the shops been there? Hhmm, wonder if the Mrs fancies lunch at Rochester this Sunday, "oh look darling , theres' a new wargames shop over there, I'll only be a few minutes"

  5. The shop is located in the High Street on the corner of High Street and Blue Boar Lane. There is a car park right next to Blue Boar Lane and another a short walk away, on the other side of the A2/Corporation Street.

    As already mentioned the shop itself is mostly plastic kits (airfix/revell etc) but they also have a reasonable selection of paints and accessories. They could probably do with getting a wider range of stock in, but I'm sure that will develop over time. Certainly worth a visit.


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