Thursday 2 June 2011

A very busy week

You can probably tell from the title that this is going to sound like an excuse. And you would be right.

I started a new job this week (basically a promotion/expansion of my old job) and things are a bit hectic to say the least. Between the overtime and just plain tiredness I have just not found time to get much painting done. Hopefully things will settle down soon as I have several projects waiting in the wings. I have been working on a Normandy farmhouse model since the weekend but have made little progress in last few days.

On the plus side I have acquired some new tech (in the form of a new Blackberry phone) to play with. Its ostensibly for my work but of course I'll get to use it for other things as well... Such as writing this blog post. (His means that when I travel for work I can keep an eye on the blog and send updates and picture. No more blank weeks when I'm away from the computer!

OK test post over... Toodle pip!


  1. Congrats, you have a job!! I was laid off a couple of months ago although got paid a good severance payment. The other good news is that I will start a new job too in early July. Hopefully you should be able to have a good blogging-working balance in your new assignment


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