Monday 13 June 2011

Have Tools Will Travel

This week I'm away from home on business. This is the first of probably several trips to Southampton as part of my new job. This particular trip is only scheduled to last fours days but that would be four days away from my models and paints (oh and my Wife and Children too of course). This I can't allow! So I've made myself a 'travel kit' to enable me to get some modeling work done while I'm away (and I've set up a Skype account so I can use my web cam to speak with the family).

A while ago I bought a cloth Tool Roll full of cheap brushes from a local stationers. The brushes have seen active service for dry brushing, varnish and gluing while the roll is now filled with an assortment of what I consider essential tools and materials.
  • A selection of small diamond files
  • Mini Clamps
  • Brushes for cleaning
  • Tweezers (Metal and plastic)
  • Pencil (for marking joints etc)
  • Craft Knife (with retractable blade)
  • Sculpting Tools
  • Epoxy Putty
  • Epoxy Resin Glue
  • Superglue
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Bluetac
  • Wooden Sticks for mixing glue
  • Leather work sheet (Shammy leather)
Any suggestions of addition items you might consider essential for a modelers 'travel toolkit'?

I'll be working on two versions of the Panzer VI Tiger while I'm away. One is a Peter Pig model given to me by The Angry Lurker  and the other is a Battlefront model from the Wittman box set (GBX16). Both models look like they require a significant amount of cleaning and build time so they should keep me busy for the next few nights while I'm away.


  1. Black spray/undercoat and varnish.

  2. Foamboard, plaster, waterpot, pringle lid

  3. Cuddly toy, fondu set, electric blanket (sorry, just had to)

  4. I have a metal tool box with four drawers / compartments to store a nice set of basic modeling supplies. It's not as efficient as your kit but it does the trick when we're at the shore.

    In terms of tools for your kit, I would suggest a pin vice and drill bits, a ceramic tile to use as a paint pallet, and a small (6 inch?) metal ruler.

    Happy travels!

  5. At firest glance it looks like a kit for torturing enemies (like those that show in James Bond's films from time to time)

  6. Hell yeah great post love it.


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