Wednesday 2 March 2011

Zombiefest at the Angry Lurker's

On Sunday I met up with Posties Rejects to visit the Cavalier Wargames Show in Tonbridge. After the show we all retired to the ManCave of the Angry Lurker for a very enjoyable Zombie game. Ray of Don't Throw a 1 posted his pictures of the game yesterday, as did the Lurker himself. Check them out for the full story of this Z-fest from multiple perspectives.

Much havoc was wrought by the zombies and by me (I keep knocking terrain over). It was a pretty fast paced game and very deadly for anyone foolish enough to get into hand to hand combat. However my decision to avoid combat and focus on collecting resources saw me take the fewest casualties but come in third in terms of points. Clearly not such a good strategy after all. The laurels of victory eventually went to Postie who earned them with the largest number of zombie kills.

Thanks to the Angry Lurker for hosting the game and feeding us on our return from the show. It rounded off what was a great day out.


  1. They're great pictures and glad you had a good game and time, I also forgot to give you the 15mm stuff to take game it'll have to be then.

  2. Great photo's as usual, It was a very enjoyable game, even if I finished last!!!

  3. Like I've been saying on the other blogs really great board. Wish I could play on one like that.



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