Friday 25 March 2011

Wargames Illustrated 282

This months issue of Wargames Illustrated landed on my doormat a few days ago and now that I've had a chance to read most of it here's my review of the contents. Regular readers will know that each issue is 'Themed' and this month Flames of War returns to Vietnam - a subject that was touched upon with a small selection of models and rules last year.

Battlefront have now issued a much wider selection of miniatures to expand the current range and this issue of the magazine also comes with a pull out Inteligence Handbook called Tropic Lightning. I'm not about to rush out and buy the models but I have to admidt I'm really tempted. Vietnam is an interesting period and I think the job Battlefront have done on this limited range is really good. (Must resist!)

My issue of the magazine turned up a lot later than normal this month, possibly because it was a larger issue and came with the free handbook. As usual I'm enjoying WI immensly although I have to admidt this issue was very much BF oriented. The following articles are linked into this months Theme:

Search and Destroy - Refighting Battles in Vietnam with Flames Of War, Tropic Lightning - America’s 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam, and Hanoi’s Saigon Front - Vietnamese forces in the Battle for Saigon.
Contact! Contact! - A search and destroy mission in Vietnam
Diamond Head Cobras - Tropic Lightning’s helicopter gunships in Vietnam
Tracks in Vietnam - American tanks and APCs 1965-1971
Painting US tanks and helicopters of the Vietnam War
Stoner vs Kalashnikov - Infantry weapons in Vietnam.

Despite the heavy Vietnam theme this month there are also a nice selection of non FOW articles to read as well as the usual show reports and hobby news. I particuarly enjoyed the article Rethinking Saxon Wargaming by Dr Ryan Lavel. Here he presents his alternative views on some of the long-held tenets of Saxons in wargaming. Another great article was the second part of Rick Priestly's Running a Wargames Campaign. I'm not likely to ever run a campaign but any article from a giant of the hobby like Rickm is always worth reading. Rick also featured in another interesting article, Boudica's Last Stand in which WI's current UK Editor joined Rick for a game of Hail Caesar, a new set of rules from Warlord Games.
Once again an intresting and varied issue although the Battlefront/Vietnam theme was very prevelent this issue.  


  1. Have collected and wargamed Vietnam a few times, i have always found it a limited but fun wargaming period, will pick my issue up next week.

  2. Always wanted to dabble in Vietnam, so will probably get this issue. My only 'Nam gaming at the moment is done on the Xbox...

  3. Thanks for the review of WI. They stock it at my FLGS and sometimes I pick one up. It's nice to kow what's in it this time.

  4. Sounds a bit too much like a FOW manual this month.....again!

  5. @Ray - arguably it could be seen as a non-FOW issue from the pov that there is nothing in it for standard WW2 FoW gamers. The Nam stuff is by and large pretty generic, the free booklet containing most of the specific stuff for FoW and to be fair some of the recent FoW stuff has been really interesting for a non-FoW person like me (the bunkers article was especially good).

  6. I'm also looking to play Vietnam but with Cahrlie Don't Surf; it was a period that never attracted me until I acquired the rules and read them. We'll start playing next month. Good luck with FOW

  7. Some great information here thanks.


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