Monday 7 March 2011

Dragons Teeth

I've been working on some of the resin terrain pieces I bought last week at Cavalier. The Dragons Teeth were really cheep, weighing in at only £3.00 for two bases from Total System Scenic. They were also very easy to paint and I was able to knock these four out in a couple of hours. In fact it took longer to wait for the varnish to dry between coats than it took to paint them.

I'm nearly finished a couple of other items (a pillbox and a pond) and I'll post pictures of these when they are completed.


  1. They look good.
    If I was you (me being a terrible skinflint) I would have made a mold (the form looks pretty easy) and cast tons of my own :-D

  2. I did consider making my own from modeling putty but to be honest these resin ones were so cheep it was just easier to buy them.

  3. Those will look great on the gaming table! Well done.

  4. Very nice work my friend, definite problem for allied armour.


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