Monday 28 March 2011

Forged in Battle Panzer IV's

Yesterday afternoon I found myself alone in the house and deafened by the silence. So I took advantage of the lack of background noise and had a go at a short video review of some Forged in Battle miniatures I bought recently. Its a bit rough and ready but it kept me happily occupied until the clan returned. I may do a few more like this in the future and I may even make the effort to improve the quality of the finished product!

The first layers of paint are on and I'm working towards getting these finished before I go away on holiday in a couple of weeks time.


  1. They look OK but personally i find the BF stuff look better.
    I also don't like it that they are casted with a base. Personally i am not a fan of based tanks and such. I don't like the look of it. But that is a personal opinion.

  2. I don't base my BF tanks but I'm not too bothered by their inclusion of these FiB vehicles.

    The Gun is the only bit of the model I was really disapointed with. While I understand the need to get the model as accurate as possible in terms of scale I do think some concessions to practicality need to be made. They are gaming models after all and weak joints, flimsy guns etc won't last long.

  3. Good video..!

    Next time could you consider showing a few more of the kits you're reviewing though?? In this case with four in the pack, all different, I was kind of interested in seeing what the variants looked like??

  4. Very well done Lee, rough wargamers....then I realised you've met Ray Rousell.

  5. Noted. This was pretty much a spur of the moment thing.

    But from little acorns as the saying goes... I've been giving some thought to 'tarting up' the presentation of future videos with some decent titles and maybe even some sound effects or music!.

  6. Nice video hope to see some more from you.

  7. Not a major problem as the did what you set out to do...

    As a matter of further interest, what editing software do you use????

  8. I used Windows Movie Maker for this video. Simple to use and free because it was pre-installed on my laptop. Just drop in video pictures sounds etc in the order you want then hit publish to turn the lot into a video for uploading. Not exactly high tech but I was able to knock this vid out (including recording and uploading to YouTube) in under half an hour.

  9. Great idea for a post Lee!!!, and done very well indeed, congratz!!
    from the Rough Wargamer

  10. So can we start to expect live reports from the battle front?

  11. I would buy if they did not have those bases. Thanks for the vidoe review.

  12. Nice one Lee!
    I have recently built and painted the FIB 88's and 3 of their Panthers.
    At the next tourney it was clear the FIB models were much smaller than the BF equivalent and the FIB 88's were less detailed. Aso they came without bases and command whcih I had to add, however once together they looked nice on the table.
    The Panthere hulls are very detailed and a league in front of BF for detail. It was a simple job to remove the cast in resin bases and with careful cutting and sanding I got a clean model for the table.
    I found the metal turret binds on the resin hull and added a sinple thin clear plastic collar to the underside of the turret to make them rotate smoothly (cut from blister plastic with the wifes nail scissors!!!), and this helped.
    I too liked the commander sculpt and the tanks painted up nicely.


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