Sunday 17 October 2010

Big Picture : SELWG

Today is the SELWG show at Crystal Palace and I'll be there camera in hand. Here's a picture I shot last year showing the main display area. I really enjoyed last years event (after it's enforced absence) and must admit I'm looking forward this years event as well. It looks as if my Daughter won't be coming with me now - she's blown me out in favour of the boyfriend of all things!! So if you see a sad faced balding fat guy wandering around with a camera permanently fixed to his face, that'll probably be me.
I'll post my pictures from this years event in a couple of days, once I've had time to do the usual (sort, edit, crop, tweek, discard and tag).

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  1. I had a great day at SELWG and got to meet quite a few readers of this blog. It was great to put a few faces to familiar names and meet you in person. I also got some very complimentary feedback on my blog, which was very much appreciated. [Shucks folks, you made me blush!]

    As usual I have loads of pictures to work through but I'll try to get them posted here in a few days.


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