Monday 3 August 2009

I hate holidays

Don't be alarmed, I've not lost my marbles. Let me explain. It's not the holiday itself I hate (I love relaxing with my family and exploring new places) its the 'fall-out' that comes with having time off work that bugs me. I work in a busy office as part of a Petrochemicals Laboratory. Work is pretty hectic most of the time but I'm in a position that has no backup. When I'm off work there is no cover and none of my work gets done. The In-tray just gets deeper and deeper. So for example, when I was off work for a month earlier in the year due to illness I came back to a months worth of work on my desk. And when I took a week off for a holiday recently, the weeks worth of work was waiting for me when I returned.

I've tried to address this issue a few time but various factors - from the complexity of my work through to under-staffing across the company - work against me. So, here I sit, with a pile of work still to do and a newly acquired box of unpainted models singing their siren song to me. "Come home & paint us" they pur.

This is my long winded way of saying sorry for the sporadic nature of my posting lately. The daily schedule is taking a hit at the hands of "real life". Having said that, I did get a little bit of painting done at the weekend, if only undercoating. As always I'll post pictures of my (painfully slow) progress.

Moan over.

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