Tuesday 19 May 2009

My buddy the Lizardman

A few days ago I reported that I was rereading the Basic D&D rulebook with a view to possibly re creating my gaming groups first ever game. I mentioned that I had a Lizardman model from that very first game and that I was debating whether to paint it or not. A few people have expressed an interest in seeing that Lizardman so here he is.
I'm still undecided whether to paint it or not. This model has acquired quite a bit of sentimental value for me and I'd hate to ruin it with a terrible paintjob. However it may be time to consider painting the model as a form of conservation, to preserve it for years to come. This mini has a much higher lead content than modern miniatures and consequently has some of the white powdery bloom which is often called lead rot but which is actually Lead Carbonate. This is a form of corrosion which, in this case, seems to be fairly limited and doesn't look to have damaged the surface detail a great deal.
Incidentally this miniature is a pre-slottabase Games Workshop model date stamped 1984. I was surprised when I saw this because I was sure we started playing D&D earlier than that. So when I say I've been playing for nearly 30 years (a figure I have oft quoted in this very blog) what I actually mean is 25 years. Caught in the web of my own deceit!


  1. Paint him! You can always strip off the paint later if you don't like it.

  2. The alternative is just to wash, dry, and seal with clear polyurethane.


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