Tuesday 17 March 2020

Tombstones and mausoleum for frostgrave

I didn't think I'll have time to I didn't think I'll have time to paint these but I'm glad I did. most of this stuff is resin terrain that I bought from debris of War although there are a few other items that I managed to buy online, some of which was pre-painted so I gave them a new base coat and started again. I've gone with the simple paint scheme that I've been using on all my Frostgrave terrain; various shades of grey with some homemade winter tufts.

The two dungeon covers are also from debris of War and after painting the iron work metal I applied some special rust wash that I bought ages ago.

All these items are what I would class as scatter terrain and can be used with some of the buildings that have already painted or stand-alone items in them in the case of the tombstones and so on.

No idea how they should be scored as far as points are concerned. the whole lot would probably make up about 1 terrain Square but I'm not sure if it's worth 20 points so I'll take whatever today's minion deems worthy for this lot. 

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