Friday 13 March 2020

Normandy Farmhouse

Another day another unplanned entry. Actually, that's not strictly true this building was on my original challenge painting plan but I decided not to do it because I had plenty of other things to paint. However, with the upcoming Normandy demo game I'm going to be running this weekend, I couldn't resist. This building is from Peter Pig and was part of a set of 3 buildings that I bought at Salute last year.

As far as possible I have tried to copy the painting style of the Landmark buildings (from Timecast) I bought last year. Hopefully, this will mean all my buildings all have a similar feel about them and won't look incongruous when used next to each other. The building is cast in some sort of resin and was quite easy to base coat and paint. I block painted the majority of the model then gave the whole thing a wash with army painter soft tone and then dry brushed.

The pictures include one of my tiger tanks and a 15mm infantry figure just to show scale. I have a second farmhouse and a barn from the same manufacturer but these were definitely not be done during this challenge (I'm definitely running out of time now!).

It's dimensions are 4"x5"x3" so the whole thing comes out at a little over a quarter of a terrain cube, so about five points worth in the Painting Challenge. I'm happy with that and it's one more incremental step towards my target... Now I really really must get on with my snow lord's challenge!!


  1. Replies
    1. Expect to see it in out game Sunday....if the show goes ahead of course!

  2. That second floor (or is it the first floor there?) is a doozie! Watch that 1st step!
    Great paint job, though.

  3. Great looking buildings and nice to see them next to miniatures, to get an idea of size etc.

  4. Nice job, a very characterful building from PP - going to their site now :-)


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