Tuesday 24 March 2020

Disaster in Felstad

With the Painting Challenge over its time, I started to play with the stuff I painted, so I challenged the Young Padawan to our first proper game of Frostgrave. This was a bit of a tester game just so we could get to grips with the rules. I put together two Warbands, one of Dark Elves and another of Humans and then let her choose which she wanted. She went Dark Elf of course and then we started. 

The Setup
This is part of the temple quarter of the city, and both warbands are converging on the Hall of Heros and its associated graveyard. There are several buildings but the centre of the table is fairly open. 

The Action
So both warbands start from their respective table edges but each was allowed to split their men between the Wizards and Apprentice as they saw fit. 

My Wizard is accompanied by a Man-at-Arms and an infantryman. 
The Apprentice takes anther infantryman and an archer with him (apologies for the fuzzy picture!)
Meanwhile, the Dark Elves split up. One group under their Necromancer head for the Hall of Heros while the other aim for the open graveyard in the centre. 

My Man-at-Arms gets into a fight and can't break off. The Dark Elves pile in and despite being outnumbered he is holding his own. 

The Necromancer gets a bead on my Archer, inside the Hall with my Wizard. He casts a difficult spell Strike Dead and excellent dice means it does exactly what it said on the card...my Archer is killed. 

My Wizard is inside the Hall but his only martial companion is now dead and the Man-at-arms outside is fighting for his life. 

My other Archer is now killed, again by the Strike Dead spell. I'm beginning to hate that spell. 

My Man-at-arms is now fighting off four Dark elves, and each attack has a cumulative +2 bonus against him. It'll be a miracle if he survives. 

There he goes, battling to the end...

Now my Wizard is trapped inside the Hall and fighting off several Dark Elf infantrymen. 

Meanwhile, my Theif had a valiant go at killing the Dark Elf Apprentice but eventually succumbed himself. 

Now the largely intact Dark Elf Warband piles into the hall to finish off my lone Wizard. Rather than drag out the bloodshed, I threw in the towel. I had been comprehensively beaten! 

Once again my Daughter, the Young Padawan, has shown she's no Padawan any more! 

It was a good game, even if my ego took a thorough battering. We soon got the rules more or less fixed in our heads and play was swift and relatively uncomplicated. I'm already looking forward to another game. Unfortunately so is my teenage Sith Lord in training. Sigh...


  1. Terrain looks great Lee. Shame about the result once again!

    1. Thanks. Her dice rolling was phenomenal and as usual mine was awful. The game was a learning curve for both of us but her win has inspired her, so more games will follow!

  2. Looks a great set up. Shame about the result

    1. Over 30 years gaming, I've grown accustomed to being beaten comprehensively!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. I have enough terrain to shake it up for future games.


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