Wednesday 11 March 2020

Ray's Donnybrook Game

Poor old Ray. Forced to run a game of Donnybrook by the Snowlord! Possibly the funniest act of mischief from the whole Painting Challenge. So a handful of the Rejects gathered for a mid-week evening game in the shed-o-war. I'll keep this batrep brief, mainly because Ray will be posting something more detailed on his blog and on the Challenge Blog, and also because I am knackered and still have a ton to do in the next few weeks!

The Order of Battle
The Order of Battle with casualties at the end of the game. 

The Action
Setup - I have a lot of infantry on the table and one unit of Cavalry. My plan is to clear the road with musketry then charge my Cavalry down it to reach the objective point, 6" from the far table edge. 

Postie had most of his troops hidden, all apart from one unit guarding the road. 

This unit proved to be very resilient!

My Infantry fire down the road, with little effect. 

What a fine figure of a Wargamer! 

Stuarts Infantry fire back and cut a swath through my guys! 

I return fire again, but can't seem to hit the broadside of a barn! 

Meanwhile, my mixed infantry units advance on both flanks. These guys come under fire from Stuarts Dragoons that appear out of hiding in the woods. 

My Cavalry waits patiently. I'm not attempting a crossing of the river until the road is a lot clearer. I'm also trying to work out where Stuart's troops are located as most appear to be hidden. 

Another one of my mixed infantry units on the left flank approach the ford, only to be shot to ribbons by Royal troops in the woods and buildings. 

I've been whittling away at the troops in the village and decide to commence my charge. But it may be too late. 

Damn. The game has reached its allotted end (12 turns) and my charge with the horse has come too late. 

That was fun, even if I did lose. My own fault for holding back with the Cavalry for so long. I was worried they would just get shot out of the saddle but by the time I was confident I had cleared the village of as many Royal troops as I could it was too late. It also didn't help that my so-called crack shot (the Poacher) couldn't hit the side of a barn the whole game!


  1. Yep, you should'ave got the Horse moving a bit faster ol chap. And as for the Crackshot Poacher..............

    1. Yeh, time and turns got away from me. Still as a 'first' (in a long while) it was fairly easy to grasp and run smoothly. Well done sir!


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