Thursday 1 March 2018

umHlanga Regiment

I was planning on ending the painting challenge with the much larger uVe regiment but I had a 'mishap' with my can of primer that left them looking like I'd painted with brown Semolina! My own fault, I used a new can that had been stored in a cold place for several weeks and didn't shake it enough before use (Numpty!). I have given the models a scrub but so much detail is obscured I may have to resort to drastic cleaning measures... but not before the challenge has ended. Thankfully enough figures survived the can-of-death to make this small regiment.

Raised in 1867 the umHlanga (meaning “Reeds”) was part of the Chest at Isandlwana. These were young warriors with an average age about 28 and they fought not just at Isandlwana but also at Khambula. 

Once again I used a white wash to bring out the detail of the shield straps and I'm really pleased with how these look. 

My umHlanga Regiment are the last of the Zulu's to feature in this years challenge and I'll just have to tackle the remaining units in coming months. Given my normal painting speed I'll probably still be painting Zulu's in Challenge 9! 


  1. Something about Zulus in a proper horde that makes them look properly impressive. Nicely done Lee. I love the stand density of these.

  2. Yes nice big looking units of small figures. I may have missed it but what rules are you using ?

  3. Been a pleasure watch this project unfold. Excellent stuff. cheers


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