Monday 20 March 2017

Selenite Warriors

Apart from the Theme rounds I have almost exclusively focused on historical 6mm figures. But the madness of the Challenge has infected my grey matter and I'll be finishing with something completely different. I have always had a love of Victorian and pulp sci-fi and the works of H.G.Wells, Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs amongst others so it was almost inevitable that at some point I would buy something from this genre. So here are ten Selenite Warriors from Ironclad Miniatures. The Selenites feature in one of my all time favourite movies, the 1964 classic First Men in the Moon.

These models gave me a chance to use some of my weirder metallic paints that never normally see the light of day. I chose a metallic blue for the staff weapons and mixed a combination of the same blue with green ink and a dash of silver to create the iridescent green for the eyes.

Initially I bought four of these but when Ray expressed disgust at my choice of something non-historical I went back and bought some more! The figures are quite tall standing about 34mm foot to composite eye and about 36mm overall. I will definitely be buying more from this range (I can hear Ray screaming in the distance) simply because they were such fun to paint.

This would be my last entry to the painting challenge. I have almost literally run out of models to paint. My lead mountain has been reduced to little more than a few scraps... its actually a rather pathetically sad sight. I must start the big restock in readiness for next years Challenge!


  1. Don't Listen to Ray! he's just fettered by a lack of imagination!
    These are Fab and the world needs more of this kind of madness. Fantastic!

    1. Oh there will be more in the future. I picked up a very nice steampunk character figure at Skirmish yesterday... the first of many for sure!


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