Tuesday 7 March 2017

Inglorious Rejects

When this years Analogue Painting Challenge was announced Curt laid down a subtly devilish second challenge at the same time. The entrance fee for taking part has become affectionately known as the 'Curtgeld' and this year our artistic overlord requested we submit these as joint entries, with two or more participants combining forces. I imagine this was a real headache for many people but it also got the creative juices flowing and strange ideas bubbled to the surface. Ray and I decided to combine forces, we just had to find something suitable to paint. Fortunately Ray found two excellent models based (loosely) on two characters taken from the 2009 war film Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino. This way we could submit the models in the final bonus round and as our Curtgeld.

Ray decided to paint the 'Brad Pitt' figure and I did the baseball bat wielding Staff Sergeant Donny Donowitz. Although we both belong to the same gaming group (Posties 'Rejects') we live in different Counties, so getting together for a side by side painting session on this collaboration wasn't really an option. Instead we used a phone app to keep in touch, swap progress photos and make suggestions. The resulting figures look surprisingly similar in styles and finish and I think we are both very happy with how these models turned out.

This is my figure, complete with blood splatters and sweat soaked vest. The blood was particuarly challenging but I guess all my recent work on shield designs for 6mm figures must have improved the steadiness of my hands!

And here is Rays figure sporting a beard and an SMG. Painting this black jacket must have been really difficult but I think Ray has given it just the right amount of highlight to looks like shiny leather.

Both figures side by side and I think we have managed to align our different styles really well (no idea how we pulled that off!)

The next step was basing the figures. We both discussed what we wanted and quickly agreed we wanted a joint base with plenty of the detritus of war scattered around. We raided bits boxes for items to put on the bases and I found some resin rubble piles in a local art and hobby shop. Then just last week we met up at the Cavalier Wargames show in Kent and managed to find a suitable MDF base and more stowage items to put on the base. I then took both figures home to put everything together and paint. The liberal application of grass tufts helped blend all the elements of the base together.

There were times when this joint project felt a little 'cobbled together' but I think we are both very very happy with how the finished vignette has turned out. Somehow, despite doing most of the work separately, the whole thing works well together. I for one certainly hope that this collaboration theme can become a regular part of future Challenges.


  1. Basing and painting are superb!

  2. What a great idea Lee and really nicely done - well done the pair of you.

  3. Are you sure that that is not Negan from The Walking Dead?

  4. Superb result. Outstanding you glorious basterds. Cheers


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