Monday 31 August 2015

Books, FLGS, the Millennium Falcon & HMS Victory

The last weekend of the school summer vacation and we were hunting around for something to do. Normally we would go to a big event like Military Odyssey but we decided to give it a miss this year as we have done this event so many times even I was getting a little tired of it. So instead we decided to visit Rochester in Kent for a little retail therapy. The high street has several really good bookshops with extensive military history sections. Needless to say I treated myself to a few second-hand books!

Rochester is also graced with an excellent and very well stocked games shop. I treated myself to some X-Wing models and picked up some paint and varnish so by the end of the day I was a very happy chappie. 

We rounded the day off with a visit to the Guildhall Museum in Rochester. They have a very interesting exhibition on the Prison Hulks of the Medway and other nautical items, including an amazing model of the HMS Victory.


  1. Looks like a day well-spent to me.

  2. Not that many of us care if you are a very happy chappie.

  3. I am glad you are a happy chappie.
    The Irishman Is just jealous.
    Medway games, models and railways usually has something interesting in as well.!

    1. Miles from civilisation with less than the bare essentials for 219 days...I think that would make a saint grumpy. And as you were nowhere close to being a saint to start with...

  4. Rochester is always good for a day out,. Some great restaurants as well.


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