Tuesday 18 August 2015

Boston War Memorial

While we were on holiday a few weeks ago the family and I visited Boston in Lincolnshire. We went to a small local museum, did a bit of shopping and I climbed the eighty three meter high tower of St Botolph's Church, known locally as the "Boston Stump". These were all things we knew about before visiting Boston but what we were not expecting to encounter was the towns incredible War Memorial. My interest in the Second World War obviously draws me to memorials and monuments wherever we travel but I have rarely encountered something of such sombre grandeur in such a small(ish) town. 

The Memorial is well kept and each plaque is dedicated to a different campaign or battle from both world wars. 

The most amazing things was that this memorial was raised entirely 'by public subscription'
The original memorial built in 1921 commemorated the 348 residents of Boston who were killed or missing in World War I. After the second world war a further 215 names were added for the townspeople lost in that conflict.

The original memorial garden was added to for the Centenary commemorations last year. More pictures can be seen on the Lost Ancestors website here including images of all the name plates and each of the newly added campaign stones.


  1. When I saw this I first thought you were in my part of the world. That is a very well done memorial.

  2. Interesting! Great to see that 'Public Subscription'. Great respect and no doubt great loss.


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