Friday 14 August 2015

New Painting Chair

I'm not normally one to sit and paint for long periods, partly because in recent years it really hurts my back. I recognise that this is all part of getting old but but its also a symptom of poor posture. I normally sit at my painting desk on a dining chair which is slightly too high and inevitably results in a hunched, bent over, position during long painting sessions.

Buying a replacement chair has always been on my to-do list but never seems to have become a priority, especially when I looked at the price of suitable chairs (The equation being one chair equals lots and lots of models...I'll take the models please!). However I recently came across this nice second hand leather tub chair and quickly realised it was an ideal replacement for my normal seat.

The chair would ordinarily be too low but this one had four casters on the feet raising it by a couple of inches and making it pretty much the perfect height. The arms needed a little bit of restoration to repair some minor scratches and scuff marks and in the end I changed the casters for larger, more robust ones. All in all a pretty simple repair job and now it sits in pride of place in front of my desk.

My wife - bless her - has been chuckling at me since I first brought the chair home and started repairing it. For some reason she has found my 'childlike enthusiasm' (her phrase, not mine) quite amusing. According to her all I need now is a smoking jacket and pipe to complete the picture! 


  1. Yes get a smoking Jacket and a nice big old fashioned pipe! It will make the kids roll their eyes to the tops of their heads and make the misses happy at the same time! Be careful with this buying Furniture malarkey though or she will also get involved and that tends to be expensive when women folk get involved!

  2. I need to get myself a big calabash pipe (the sort used by Sherlock Holmes) to go with my smoking jacket and then sit there dishing out witty one liners like Noel Coward.

  3. A very nice looking chair, and one that will hopefully give you many years of pleasure and comfort whilst you paint.

    All the best,


  4. That's not a painting chair - it's a painting throne. Perhaps a royal scepter and crown to go with the smoking jacket and pipe - perhaps even a title "The Earl of Pigments"?

    1. Hell if we are going for a title how about 'Lord of Shades'.

  5. That's just plain wrong Lee. We're supposed to suffer for our hobby and here you are acting like a Lord, sitting in a fine leather chair. Just kidding-enjoy it, you deserve it.

  6. Just realised that this article was my 1500th


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