Saturday 8 August 2015

Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre

Well I'm back from a family holiday to Skegness and while in the area we visited the excellent Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre home of the Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane'. The museum also houses a very interesting collection of WWII aviation artefact's including an original Barnes Wallis Bouncing Bomb. 

Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane'

'Just Jane' is being restored towards full airworthiness. 

70th Anniversary logo

Navigational equipment and tables
Bomb Selector panels from another Lancaster

Window was an ingenious material used to block enemy (German) radar readings. 

Window could also be used to create false shadows on German radar and was used during Operation Fortitude to trick the Germans into believing the D-Day landings were directed at Calais. 

An original Barnes Wallis Bouncing Bomb.

The Yoke and Throttle Quadrant from Lancaster ED932... Guy Gibson's aircraft from the Dambusters raid. 

Rear view of Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane'

Another Barnes Wallis invention, a 32,000lb Tallboy 'Earthquake' Bomb

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Another view of Lancaster NX611

The rear gunner position in a Lancaster

A reconstructed aircrew bunk-room

Reconstruction of a briefing room

DC3 Dakota N473DC 

Ford WOT1 Crew Bus

Airfield personal shelter designed to proved cover during an air raid

Inside the control tower

Part of a reinforced concrete 'Bison' mobile pillbox which would have been mounted on the back of a Bedford Truck. A full version can be seen at the Tank Museum at Bovington.

A wing from a Wellington bomber. The unique latticework frame was strong but very light. 

Another bouncing bomb!
This is a great museum containing many very interesting and unique exhibits. There is also an excellent NAFFI and shop so its possible to while away quite a few hours here. 


  1. Very interesting looking museum although I doubt I will ever make it there. So good to see your report!

  2. Were that way soon, will try and find the time to have a look with the boy



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