Monday 10 August 2015

Military & Flying Machines 2015

On Sunday I went to the excellent Military and Flying Machines event at Damyns Hall Aerodrome in Rainham. I've been going to this 'small' local living history event for some years and it seems to go from strength to strength. This years event was better than ever and as always I took my camera to record the day. 

An SAS Desert Land Rover from the first Gulf War

FV435 armoured personnel carrier

I think this is a US Army TD-24 bulldozer but I#m happy to be contradicted of someone out there knows better.

GMC CCKW 353 Gasoline truck

Ford GPW Jeep

Marmon Herrington Truck

Armourtek Scale vehicles

A replica Sturmgeschütz

Bomb Disposal vehicle


Bedford QRL

An amazing collection of wartime Harleys

The re-enactment battle opens with a very impressive barrage

A Cromwell tank supports the British

And scores a direct  hit on one of the German vehicles

But two Sturmgeschütz move into position and force the Cromwell to retire

A British Universal Carrier

The Cromwell parades after the battle

As does the Sturmgeschütz

The show also features a great air display, including this Mk IV Spitfire

A German Fieseler Fi 156 Storch

The B17 Flying Fortress Sally B

Another Spitfire (also a Mk IV) this time from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
The weather was hot and sunny and the selection of vehicles and aircraft on display was top notch. A great day out and a fantastic way to finish my summer vacation.


  1. You have to admire all those who took part.

  2. Fantastic pics! Thanks for posting them!

  3. The gasoline truck is a GMC CCKW 353, one of the rare airportable Dump truck variants. In this instance with the optional No 7 set in the back, a configuration you very rarely see.

    1. Thanks for the update, I've amended the photo label. Many of the vehicles had some information on them (often just a small info panel with basic details) but I couldn't find anything on this one and there was no one around to ask.

  4. Many thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. Very inspiring!

  5. Great day out by the looks. Seeing that heavy bomber flyover would have been outstanding!


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