Tuesday 2 July 2013

Tankfest 2013 Photo's

As you already know I went to the Bovinton Tank Museum at the weekend for the annual Tankfest show. Over the course of two days I shot in excess of 1200 pictures and have been feverishly working through them to select the best for upload. I managed to whittle them down to about 250 pictures which I have now labelled, tagged and uploaded to Picasa/Google+. Obviously I can't post them all here on BLMA but instead here's a selection of my favourites that should give you a flavour of the weekends fun.  

The Daleks were around for a while at the start of the day, presumably checking out their armoured competition. This particular 'Superior being' got stuck on the door sill a few seconds after I took this picture. 
This strange vehicle is a Thonycroft Bison, basically a concrete pillbox on a truck chassis.
An Italian M14/41 Medium Tank
This side view of the Turret has a pistol port and shows the unit numbering for this tank. This is the First Tank of Second Company, Third Platoon.
Marmon-Herrington Mk VI Armoured Car
Valentine Mark II (Infantry Tank MkIII)
Me and Raymond, my Brother-in-Law and wingman on this trip
1920 Rolls-Royce Armoured Car – ‘Sliabh Na MBan' - This vehicle was part of the column lead by the Irish leader Michael Collins on the day he was killed in 1922
Challenger 2 MBT - This tank has been dubbed 'Megatron' by its crew
Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle (CARRV) - This is a working exhibit and along with several other recovery vehicles is used by the Museum around the site.
The recently restored Panzer VI (Tiger I) was in good running condition for the show and put on a good turn of speed for the watching crowds. 
One of my favourite tanks of the show, the British Comet. With its 17pdr gun this was one of the few allied tanks that could take on a Tiger and win.
Challenger 1 MBT Mark 3 - This tank saw active service in the First Gulf War.

Me with the A7V. This replica is actually made of wood and is built around the chassis of a Tractor
Looking down the barrel of the Challenger 2 MBT
This Scimitar 2 was very fast around the arena in a display showing off contemporary hardware
The Challenger 2 takes aim on the crowds. This tank is actually missing some of its ablative armour which is still classified and cannot be shown to the public. 
The Tiger has another run around the arena. Although modern Main Battle Tanks tend to be much larger, the Tiger still has an intimidating presence when it drives past. 
Tankfest 2013 ends with a bang! The final event in the arena was a spectacular 'Cold War goes hot' scenario. 
This really is a very small selection of my pictures just to give you a flavour of the weekend. To see more then check out my Tankfest 2013 Album on Picasa. 


  1. Boom baby!!!

    Looks like a good day out!

  2. Great job with all the pictures!

  3. Nice one mate. Hope you had a good time. Pics are good and Darleks are always worth seeing!

  4. Tank-tastic photos, particularly the Italian M14/41 Medium Tank and the A7V (a proper ugly beast). Thanks for sharing.


    1. This was a tank I particularly wanted to take a close look. Its smaller than I imagined and very clunky looking. My estimation of the bravery of Italian tank crews went up a few notches after seeing what they were asked to fight in!

  5. Great pìctures Lee, the Picassa album is really good

  6. I really should attend one tankfest, someday... Looked awesome.



  7. Great pics and the Picasa album was even greater
    I just have to go there sometime.
    Thank you!

  8. great stuff looks like a great weekend, worth the early start for you on Sat

    1. Definately. It was a looong weekend but well worth it.

  9. Nice - I visited the museum this past March - awesome collection of AFVs. I didn't know the A7V was a mock up ;)! Wished I had seen the Tiger running its course. Best, Dean

  10. It looks like you had a great day Lee. I'm taking my first trip in 20 years to Bovington next weekend for the wargaming show.

    As a matter of interest did you see the WW1 re-enactor (a friend of mine) getting thrown out of the museum for having his rifle slung on him? After his display and wanting to keep his firearm safe and keeping in the traditions of going in full uniform, webbing etc for the public, he was most surprised to be accosted by a member of staff. This invited re-enactor was then told to leave "because of Woolwich we can't be too careful these days". The irony being that he was told this while the staff member was stood in front of enough tanks to fill most of Europe's armoured forces! Quite amazing...hopefully my visit next week will be more pleasant!

    Best wishes,

    1. I'll have to try and get to the Wargaming weekend one of these days. Its definitely on my bucket list!

      I never even rally noticed any security. It must have been there, but so low key it was hardly noticeable. Mind you the place was running alive with genuine soldiers from the RTR and Engineers.

    2. Gefr. Bierast, 2. Battr. / Feldart. Regt. 483 July 2013 at 15:21

      At the same time that my French friend was being ejected, I was wandering around the WW1 displays unmolested in full German (Royal Saxon) field artillery kit ca. 1918 including holstered Mauser C96 and trench dagger... and chatted happily to staff about their 7.7cm field gun (which would have been my unit's main armament) whilst doing so.

    3. Lee, it's my first visit to the Bovington Wargaming show. I normally make 'Attack' at Devizes but I'm away elsewhere that weekend for work. Going to Bovington was just to make up for it!

      Gefr. Bierast - I believe we have the same friend and a thoroughly decent and polite chap he is too. Yes, it is amazing that you could talk to the Museum's public outside armed to the teeth yet to go into the indoor area full of tanks one could be compared to a terrorist and ejected from the company of the same public!

  11. Wow Big Lee - green with envy! Looks like a terrific day out and the photos are superb! Thanks for posting.


  12. Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

  13. Thanks for all the feedback, glad you enjoyed the pictures. Its well worth visiting my Picas albumn to see the rest of the pictures I took as there was far more to see than I could post here.


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