Friday 19 July 2013

Heading off to War and Peace

I've booked today off work and will be driving down to Folkstone in Kent for the revamped War and Peace Show. This is its first year at the new venue and I'm eager to see how it changes the nature of the show. I expect the close proximity of the Channel tunnel rail link to the venue will increase the number of overseas visitors and apparently over the weekend trains will be stopping at Westenhanger station especially for show! 

One of my pictures from War & Peace 2012 - A34 Comet
Another shot from last year - T34
I'm only going for one day this year but I may get a chance to meet up with a few people in and around the Model Hall which I'm told will be on the ground floor of the Main Grandstand. Anyway I'll be going camera in hand as always and will do my best to post a 'few' pictures as soon as I can. 


  1. Replies
    1. Are you OK? Normally you do a blog post straight away after a day out so seems a little strange that you have not yet. Obviously we imagine the worse, Heat stroke or being forced to do DIY. Just hope you and the family (yes even the Brother in law) are in fine health. All the best Clint

    2. I'm fine, thanks for asking. Utterly exhausted after Friday though. It was a little bit 'warm' for my liking! I would have got the pictures up quicker but I was quite busy over the weekend working in the garden to redeem myself with Mrs BigLee. I'm almost glad to be back at work for the rest!

  2. Have a good time, been to Folkstone for Euromilitaire

  3. HAve a great day Lee; remember plenty of fluids and hundred of photographs.

  4. You guys, wargamers in the UK, live in a non-stop fiesta of wargames related events!!!
    Lucky bas***ds!!!!

  5. It's so nice to be rich, have a good one and go easy on the fecking pictures!

  6. At these shows, do they let the spectators ride in the vehicles?

  7. Have fun and take lots of pictures.


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