Friday 5 July 2013

Dispatches from the Front

One of the things I love most about the wargaming/blogging community is the feeling of kinship and affiliation that it engenders. One of the ways this often shows itself is in the generosity of its members. This might take the form of a simple gift, the sale of items at very low prices, or prizes in Blog competitions. I count myself very lucky because in recent months I have been the recipient of all three types of generosity and its about time the donors were Mentioned in Dispatches. 

My good friend, and fellow member of the Dagenham Delvers, Derek (DJK's Fantasy World) has been mentioned several times before for his generosity. He recently turned up as a game night with a couple of books he had acquired with me in mind. I have since passed one of the books onto my Brother-in-Law as it's more in his area of interest and the other book I have kept. So Derek's random act of kindness has put a smile on two peoples faces, and that can't be bad. BTW, Derek's latest book has just gone on sale for the Kindle and it well worth checking out. 

I've won a couple of competitions lately including the recent give-away on the Blog Exiles Wargames Painter belonging to James Brewerton. I picked the 15mm WWII German Platoon as my choice from the prizes listed but when they arrived I was blown away by the quality of the models I received. These are going straight on display where I can pretend - when onlookers gasp in amazement - that I painted them. 

Some months ago I mentioned a batch of books I bought from David Crook (A Wargaming Odyssey). Although money changed hands for these books I consider myself to have bought myself an absolute bargain for the very modest price being asked. David was able to clear a little shelf space and raise some funds for his hobby and I received a considerable body of literature for my (at that point) fledgeling North Africa Project. This purchase has gone on to prove its great value to my project and I am still reading, learning from and enjoying these books several months on from their acquisition. 

My Brother-in-Law, Wing man and good friend Raymond Newlyn gets mentioned here quite a lot, but he deserves a special mention for a book he bought me recently. I'm always after well illustrated reference books and this one is full of original photos from the North Africa campaign. I'll eventually get round to reviewing it on BLMA, if my work schedule every calms down. I'd also like to thank Raymond for taking his boots off before going to bed while we were away at Tankfest last weekend. Lets just say this was his idea of making a concession towards his room mate, something even his partner doesn't enjoy! Truly I am blessed.  ;-)

And finally I like to thank my long suffering wife, Mrs BigLee. She bought my Tankfest ticket for me (probably the best birthday present of all time) and let me off the leash for the weekend to 'geek-out' to my hearts content. The poor lass is something of a wargamers widow and I couldn't participate in my many and numerous hobby interests if it wasn't for her tolerant nature.

On a different note I have just received a 'large' order from Heroics and Ros and am about to embark upon a 'big' project for my North Africa Project. I say 'large' with my tongue firmly in my cheek because the entire Afrikakorp Infantry Company, including support vehicles and guns, came in a small A5 padded envelope and cost less that the price of a single box of 15mm Tanks. I've said it before, but I'll say it again....I'm loving 6mm!   


  1. Warm fuzzies all 'round ;) I'm sure you've said, but what rules are you using for your desert stuff? I have to admit, it does look terrific!


    1. I'm using the FOW rules with all the scales and ranges kept the same. I'm working on writing up my 'conversion' of the rules but to be honest there's very little that needs converting.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the 15mm Germans

  3. If you have been checking your letter box all week, sorry but I only finished painting the "items" last night as I have been a tad lazy. Will get them posted tomorrow


    1. I've been receiving stuff in the post all week and I've lost track what has and hasn't arrived. I had a typical 'post office' card through the letterbox today to say they 'tried'to deliver something. I'll have to go and pick it up tomorrow but I have no idea what it is!

  4. Aboslutely true, it is amazing the type of bounds and mutual support provided by gamers across the globe... even more amazing with the current state of the world. And nice to see how well you get along with your borther in law... you guys are rare species :-)


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