Tuesday 7 August 2012

Military & Flying Machines 2012

On Saturday the Family & I took a short drive over to Rainham for the Military & Flying Machines event at Damyns Hall Aerodrome. We try to do this show every year because it attracts a variety of re-enactors, vehicles and traders and includes plenty of family oriented stuff like bouncy castles and rides. This means that the wife can keep the little one happy while I get to wander around camera in hand. 

I was trying to be a little more restrained with my picture taking (especially after my excesses of last week) and managed to keep my photo's in the hundreds rather than thousands for a change! Here are some of my pictures from the event.

M4 Sherman with Cullen Hedgerow Cutters attached to front 
Scammell Recovery Vehicle
M10 Achilles -  A British variant of the American M10 Tank destroyer with the 17 pounder anti-tank gun instead of the the standard 3" (76.2 mm) Gun M7
Infantryman from Das Heer re-enactment group
White M16 Half Track
Re-enactors - US Infantry
Ferret Scout Car 
M18 Hellcat
Greyhound Armoured Car
Spitfire Mk LFIXe from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Dodge WC51(winch-less weapon carrier)
M5 Stuart Light Tank
Pontiac Delux Six c1940 - US Army Staff Car
M4A4 Sherman with appliqué armour welded on where the ammunition storage bins are located
Although this show is nothing like as large or well attended as the likes of War & Peace its still a pretty good show with an interesting and growing variety of re-enactors and vehicles on display. 


  1. Great photos. but.. hundreds instead of thousands? Wow..

  2. You seem to be blessed with great days out at the moment; more cracking photos Lee.

    1. I'm off on Holiday on Friday and if I'm very lucky (and if I can get away with it!) I may try to get another visit to the Mucklebrough Collection. So expect more pictures when I get back!

  3. Another set of great shots.

    You must have some collection of images now.


  4. I was there on Sunday by which time it was turning into a quagmire with the rain, however the Achilles had a "for sale" sign on it for £290,000 or thereabouts. Hmmm sell the house buy the Achilles get a towbar fitted and a caravan, then again I don't think the wife would be too happy, my son thinks it's a good idea though!

    1. Get your son a ferret for his first car, they seem to be about £6,000ish, and if he does have an accident, he ought to be safe!

  5. Thanks for sharing yet another great batch of pics!

  6. Great pics, intersting to see a Heer re-enacter rather than the usual SS divisions


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