Thursday 9 August 2012

Off on Holiday

As the late great John Denver once sang..."I'm leaving on a jet plane, Don't know when I'll be back again"...

Actually that's not strictly true. I'm going in my car and I'll be back in little over a week. My Family and I are heading up to Norfolk for a few days for what is laughably called our 'Summer' holiday. Of course that would require the UK to actually have a Summer this year but that's another issue.* I would say we'll be having a well deserved rest but our holidays usually consist of a whirl of frenetic activity rushing from one place to the next. I have several Museums on my hit list, but I'm keeping it quiet to avoid a rebellion in the ranks.

If the weather improves we may spend a day on the beach.... but secretly I'm praying for rain and an excuse to re-visit the Muckleburgh Collection!
As usual I won't have space for my laptop but I doubt if I would get much time to write anyway. Instead I'll be taking a few books away with me and of course my camera gear. So expect the posting schedule of BLMA to get a bit erratic and thin on the ground for next week. I'll report back on the success or otherwise of my secret and nefarious museum plan when we return.

*The weather forecast for the next few days looks ok... so I guess the Museum Plan is scuppered already! Damn weather!!


  1. is there *any* cool place or event you are NOT seeing?... (jealously)

  2. Have fun in the sun and hope for some power from a shower ;-)


  3. I understand it's something of a national sport for Brits to moan about the weather, but perhaps I can offer a little perspective. Your islands have a remarkably mild climate - without any of the extremes of hot and cold that characterizes the rest of the world. Consider for a moment how many times in the past 10 years you've seen a snow plow drive by your house... or how many days have reached 38 degrees centigrade.

    That being said, enjoy your vacation and lucky you - sunscreen and parkas are both unnecessary!

    1. W.DesertForce

      Yes your correct, we are nearly always constantly moaning about the weather ! LOL For instance when the sun comes out like today, and its about 85 degrees in the sun I find it too hot !

      Kind regards


  4. Enjoy whether the weather is rain, hail, sleet or snow (all likely)

  5. Went to teh Muckleburgh collection recently, it really is great. Hope it rains! :)


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