Monday 6 August 2012

Dagenham Delvers Risky Business

I've had a very busy weekend - again - and shot a load of pictures. I'll post them as soon as I can but first off here's a couple from Friday. The Dagenham Dungeon Delvers gathered for our first game in weeks. Our GM wasn't prepared to continue our D&D 4e campaign (work commitments etc) so we pulled out Lord of the Rings Risk. We had a great time and playing against Peter (the Evil GM) was a real blast from the past. We wasted many an afternoon playing Risk and Diplomacy when we should have been studying back when we were at Sixth Form together! Anyway here's a few pictures.

Setting up took longer than expected as we read the rules and tried to remember how the game worked.
Initial deployment was a little too random for the 'Good' players and we suffered later in the game as a result.
The big epic battle between Good and Evil pretty much set the tone of the game
Pondering his next move... 
We all had a good time even if the 'Good' players (myself and Dave) got a bit over extended and suffered as a result. Not sure if we would play this again, especially as we have a large collection of other games just waiting to be pulled out of the cupboard.


  1. Played Risk "Star Wars" a couple of months ago, there are definitely better games to play although a lot of people are raving about Risk Legacy and it's campaign system:

  2. Risk in any form is an enjoyable game. In all, I still prefer the origianal. Too bad I gave away my classic-wooden-block-pieces version to a cousin years ago!


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