Monday 20 August 2012

Muckleburgh Collection Revisited - Part 1

While I was away I was hoping to revisit the Muckleburgh Collection at Weybourne in Norfolk. I visited the museum in 2009 but since then the collection has expanded and new facilities have been built. My lovely wife knew I wanted to revisit the Muckleburgh Collection so she suggested that I drop her and the kids off in nearby Cromer so I could explore the museum in peace while they did a little shopping. I spent around three hours looking at the exhibits and of course taking pictures, and here are a selection.

The Artillery Hall has a wide range of guns on display
A British made signal pistol used on D-Day
A selection of models of the aircraft based in Norfolk during WWII
A British 13 Pounder Field Gun
An Argentinian 155mm Field Gun abandoned at the end of the Falklands War
The 17 Pounder - Arguably the best British Anti-Tank Gun of WWII
Chevrolet C8 Pdr Anti-Tank Portee - 1941
French AMX 13 Light Tank
Diamond T Recovery Truck
GMC 6x6 Truck
Morris Quad 4x4 Truck
The museum have loads more on display and I'll post some more pictures tomorrow.


  1. Nice looking place and three hours to look at it all and guilt free as well. Lucky Man


  2. Great pictures Lee, I have to confess that I've never heard of this fabulous looking museum.


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