Thursday 8 March 2012

WSS 59

I picked up my copy of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy (issue 59) yesterday and once again I found myself thinking why am I not subscribing to this great magazine. I'm determined to rectify this situation because over the last year - since it relaunch - they haven't had a single duff issue.

One of the regular highlights of WSS is the column 'This Gaming Life' by Rick Priestley. This months article looks as the thorny question of ground scales verse figure scales. Its a subject that I suspect most wargamers pay very little attention to, but as a designer Priestley and his peers have clearly devoted much brainpower to the whole subject. How exactly can a game preserve 'realism' within the confines of a regular sized games table? The simple answer is it can't. The key it seems is proportionality, not scale, with a little bit of 'willing suspension of disbelief' thrown in.

Like Wargames Illustrated this magazine also goes in for themed issues and this month its all about Vikings! The themed section starts off with a trio of great articles - Guthrum and the Great Army, The Siege of Eoferwick and The invasion of Wessex and Edington - by the evocatively named Benedict Coffin. This is them followed up with a look at SAGA campaigns, a cool little Viking raid scenario (with a twist) and a review of suitable miniatures for the Dark Age era.

Bolt Action British Para Boxed Set 28mm

One of the other things I always enjoy about this magazine is the fact that they devote several pages to new releases. The format of this section is spot on as far as I am concerned giving a picture and just enough information to wet the appetite and allow the reader to dig deeper if they are interested. There are several releases reviewed in this issue that have my juices flowing and I'll be keeping an eye open for them in up-coming trade conventions.

Incidentally the magazines website has a new Wargames Calender online which is worth checking out (after you've checked mine, obviously!!).

There are several other great articles in this issue including The demon dip – cheating or a proper paint job? by Phil Hendry, Faces, Bases and Flags – painting the cover vignette by Dave Woodward and the column Up Front by Richard Clarke. I've pretty much read it cover to cover this month so I have decided to stop prevaricating and have just taken out a long overdue subscription.


  1. Just got this too, Lee - a great read all round and like you, I'm making moves to subscribe; nice one ;)

  2. I need to re-subscribe to this mag, I've always love it!!

  3. Sounds very interesting. I've never seen this magazine but have heard of it.

  4. Same with Luckyjoe, have heard of it, but never had the chance to read it. Not many of them reach to Turkey here ;)
    Checked both calendars btw.. seems yours is a bit empty in comparison to the Wargames one.. ;)

    1. My calendar doesn't include Tournament's and is largely UK event oriented. I also list Military fairs and shows like War & Peace which the WSS calender doesn't. But yes, the WSS one is very comprehensive and a long overdue resource to the gaming community IMHO.

  5. I'm buying WSS pdf singles with the most interesting themes for me and I found it well ahead of the pack. I agree 100% with your assessment

  6. I have the previous issue that a friend bought for the article on the rules he had written. I now have the mag less those pages LOL.

    I won't sub but it is a good mag


  7. Seems like an interesting investment - I've been looking for an alternative to Wargames Illustrated, seeing as it tends towards an extended Flames of War advert at times

  8. I usually buy this by what's on the cover so issues are bought infrequently.....

  9. Got my copy. Must admit its becoming my preferred wargame magazine

  10. Just got my copy today and thought the very same thing...


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