Saturday 3 March 2012

Battling on with 4E

The Delvers met up on Friday after a four week hiatus. We missed the last session because the Evil GM was away on holiday (shocking!). The rest of the group had decided to get together for a different game, but it was not to be. In the end I was too busy in work, and too damn tired to play and we called the evening off. I hate missing our bi-weekly game nights but its a reality we have all had to get used to. On the plus side it does mean that when we do get together we have a lot to talk about and the banter is fast and razor sharp. Last night was no exception with jokes (and some alcohol) aplenty.

Our party of adventurers encounter two Gargoyle sentinels which immediately sweep in to harass us with nasty claw and talon fly-by attacks. 
...then two Bulette burst from the ground and rampage through the melee, generally bringing chaos to the battle.  These beasts are tough as nails and very very angry. 
Our battle plan follow its usual path, with the Mage trying out some new moves on the enemy. 
The Gargoyles take a long time to dispatch because they don't stay still long enough to be killed. It was universally agreed that this was most unsporting of them. 

Inspired by the Mage the Barbarian also try's the combat stance universally known as "the Orthadontist"

We did eventually defeat the Gargoyles and Bulette but it took most of the evening to do so. So in game terms our party progressed about 10 yards further along on their quest. If we were disposing of the One Ring the story would have taken a dozen books, not three, to reach a conclusion!


  1. Looks like a good eve of RP, I hate missing game night to.

  2. Good post. I take it your group is enjoying 4e. Great pictures as well, I've been telling anyone who will listen about your flash diffuser. Trying to eat through a box (cylinder really) of Oatmeal to get the lid.

    1. Mixed feelings about 4e. I think we are all a bit too 'old school' for the current incarnation of our favourite rpg. I for one prefer my rules simpler, with a greater emphasis on roleplaying. Whether 5e will be in improvement or not remains to be seen.

  3. Sounds like a fun game. I wonder if the alcohol played a role in slowing things down? :) We used to feed the DM beer in order to get him mellow. Talk about your Monty Hauls. :)

  4. Great figures not done any RP since school loooonnngg time ago

  5. Great photos -- looks like a fun game!


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